Head Jog High Shine 114 21mm High Shine Radial Brush

Head Jog High Shine 114 21mm High Shine Radial Brush

Product Code: C100419
Categories: Hair, Hair Brushes & Combs, Hair Brushes
Brand: Head Jog
Size: 21mm

Winner of Hair Awards Super 60 in 2015 & 2017 for 'Best Natural Bristle Brush'.

Consisting of three sizes of radial brushes (21mm, 27mm & 34mm) and a paddle brush, the High Shine range has been uniquely designed to create smooth and shiny hair with the following features:

  • Boar Bristle - innovatively tufted to a specific angle to the brush head, covering the roots of the vertical nylon monofilaments, reducing snagging and pulling whilst styling. The angled boar bristles also create grip throughout the hair to smooth cuticles and add more shine.

  • Tourmaline-Infused Nylon Bristles - originated from gemstone, the tourmaline emits ions to eliminate frizz and add shine.

  • Flamed Tips - each nylon bristle is treated with a high heat flame to melt its sharp end to form a round tip, giving a gentle touch to the scalp. The secured epoxy ball tips also increases comfort when styling.

  • High heat resistance for professional use.

  • Removable hair sectioning pick.

  • €13.23