Crazy Color

Crazy Color Hype Pure Pigment Red 50ml

You got the POWER. Add hype pigments to colour, care and styling to take any salon treatment to the next level.

These ultra-concentrated pure pigments are designed to be mixed with a wide variety of in-salon services, to revive and refresh both natural and color treated hair. 

Directions for use

Mix the ratio of the chosen formulation then proceed with the service applying it to the hair and rinsing it as per instructions from the chosen carrier.

Example Formulations:
Color Deposit: 2 pumps of pigment + 20ml Crazy Color Shampoo.
Color Treatment: 2 pumps of pigment + 20ml Crazy Color Conditioner.
Direct Dye: 3 pumps of pigment + 100ml of Crazy Color Neutral Mix.
Pre Pig: 1 pump of pigment + 100ml lukewarm water.
Styling: ½ pump of pigment + 15 to 25g of styling product.

For an accurate and hassle free colouring process, purchase our Hair Tint Kit separately!