WAHL All in One Clipper Blade

  • €77.00

Ideal for creating fringe effects in long hair, working hair extensions into extremely thick hair, developing volume layering, slicing and peeling long hairstyles for a fresh and healthy look, cutting hair extensions and developing and structuring short hair. Snap on/off blade for easy cleaning. Multi-position cutting:

Position 1: Soft Razor for texturizing and flick and smack.
Position 2: Optimum Razor for peel cuts and slice cuts.
Position 3: Ultra Razor for soft, layer, twist and point cuts.

Compatible with:
Li Pro (WM8884)
Academy Motion (WM8885)
Chromstyle (WM8871)
Beretto (8843)
Bellina (WM8870)
Genio Pro (WM88740)
Chrom2Style (WM8877)

Cutting length: 0.7- 3mm
Blade width: 46mm